Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Clondalkin Abbey (Walsh)

From Walsh's History of the Irish Hierarchy: With the Monasteries of Each County, Biographical Notices of the Irish Saints, Prelates, and Religious, 1854, c. xliv, pps. 420ff:

Clondalkin in the barony of Newcastle and distant from Dublin about four miles south west Saint Mochua according to Colgan was the founder and first abbot and who flourished in the early part of the seventh century.

Clondalkin afterwards became a bishop's see and a place of great renown. As Clondalkin became an episcopal see it is not easy to suppose that Dublin could have been a bishopric as some writers maintain.

A large cross of granite without ornament is still to be seen in the churchyard and of its former religious edifices a church in ruins in its immediate vicinity remains. Here too is a round tower.

The feast of St. Mochua is held on the 6th of August.

AD 784 died the bishop St. Ferfugillus. His feast is kept on the 10th of March.

AD 876 Cathald MacCormac abbot and bishop of Clondalkin died.

AD 866 the palace of the Danish prince Amlaive was set on fire and destroyed by Ciaran son of Ronan Clontarf a commandery for knights Templar called of St Comgall was founded in the reign of Henry II.

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