Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Priory of All Hallows, Dublin (Walsh)

From Walsh's History of the Irish Hierarchy: With the Monasteries of Each County, Biographical Notices of the Irish Saints, Prelates, and Religious, 1854, c. xliv, pps. 424:

Priory of All Hallows or All Saints founded AD 1166 for canons of the order of Aroasia by Diarmod MacMurchard, king of Leinster, now called College green. Strongbow the ravager of other shrines and monasteries was a great benefactor to this abbey.

AD 1174 died Milo de Cogan another benefactor.
AD 1380 it was enacted by parliament that no mere Irishman should be permitted to make his profession in this house.
AD 1548 died Walter Handcock the last prior. The prior of this monastery sat as a lord in parliament. The prior was seized of a castle and divers edifices within the precincts thereof and eight acres of arable land and all its appurtenances near Wingates and adjacent to the lands belonging to the college of Maynooth in the county of Kildare and of divers messuages and one thousand acres of arable land seven hundred of pasture one hundred of wood and two hundred of moor with their appurtenances &c., all of whichwere granted to the city of Dublin at the yearly rent of 4 4s 0 d Irish money. The university of Dublin is erected on the site of this monastery, the city of Dublin having granted the priory for this purpose at the persuasion of Loftus, the queen's bishop of that see.

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